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The following sponsors help make MCN and The Pittsburgh Oldies Radio possible:

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All of the Terry Lee Music For Young Lovers Albums are now available at the TL Webstore.

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People love to hear the Terry Lee Show on the Internet!

The following is just a small sample of some of the comments we receive every day:

"I was just going to request Lonely World and then it started to play - lol. You play the greatest selection of slow sounds since, well, since I listened to your show back in the late 60's!"

"The music you program on the "network" is fantastic and I as a regular listener have nothing but compliments on the selections."

"As a listener and one who followed all the oldies jocks on the AM daylight stations I always put TL into another level or notch above in his show and music."

"Really enjoy hearing you once again on the internet. It would be great to hear you more often. It brings back memories of days when life was much simpler. You were the greatest DJ of this area and our time."

"OMG, I have been listening to your music for 8 hrs,straight and haven't heard a song played twice !!!!! I love this and brings back so many memories of my past. Thank you so much for the happy time it has given me. Who needs a radio, not me !!!"

"I've been spreading the word to my friends in North Huntingdon and old classmates from McKeesport that you're back on the air. I'm a realtor and I listen to the taped shows on my laptop at open houses and at the office!"

"Greetings from Tijuana..I love your shows."

"Hello from Louisiana, we're down here listening to you and loving it."

"I am in awe of hearing this stuff again. and I can hear it in Florida!"

"I have missed you over the years Terry Welcome back !!!! Love the show !!"

"Terry Lee... you always played the BEST music in Pittsburgh. It is so awesome to hear you again.... want to hear a LOT more :)"

"Best radio network in the www......."

If you would like to be a sponsor on the Terry Lee Radio show and help keep the TL Sound on the Internet stream, send a message to: magictlsound@gmail.com




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