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We regret to inform you that this webpage and the TL Sound Live Feed will soon be discontinued, due to the lack of funding. Please respect the wishes of Terry's family and close friends in allowing him to Rest in Peace. It has been our honor to continue playing his music here over the past few years and sharing the magic he created.

And always remember: For tonight, this is Terry Lee saying Good Night and God Bless You.

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The TL Sound is heard 24/7.

Tapes of Terry Lee's Music For Young Lovers shows are played on most Friday and Saturday evenings at 10PM EST.

This is the only place you will hear the greatest oldies from Pittsburgh legend Terry Lee.

We hope you enjoy listening to the wonderful memories of your youth, and thank you for your continued support of the Magic TL Sound and Music For Young Lovers.

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On July 30, 2013, Terry Lee passed away at home after a courageous battle with lung cancer.

He brought so much joy and love to those who listened to him over the years and will be missed by people around the world, but mostly by his family and close friends.

One of his fans wrote this to us recently:

"I am an admirer of your father.  And it is not just the music.  Growing up near McKeesport, my wife and I listened to him in the 60?s but only met him last year.  I was surprised but impressed with his mild mannered persona and kindness.  Since then I have had a picture of him and my wife in our study.  I believe there is a lesson and a story about his life that transcends the music."

His music is still heard right here on MCN, just like he wanted it. 

Please visit our webstore to hear more of his great music and wonderful personality that provides us with the cherished memories of our youth, and help support the dream that the TL Sound and Music For Young Lovers live on forever.

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