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Terry Lee Radio Station

When Terry had his heart attack 5 years ago and survived, he felt there was something he still needed to do. He soon found out what that was. He was asked to bring the TL Sound and Music For Young Lovers back to the Pittsburgh area through his dances and local radio shows. Then, with the help of Joe Parknavy, they set up the best Pittsburgh Oldies radio station on the web, and he was able to bring that music to everyone around the world. His hope was to help us rediscover the memories of our youth, and he was extremely successful. Even after his passing, we will keep trying to bring you the music he played for as long as we possibly can. If you would like to help us continue his dream, please consider buying his CD's, or donating any amount you care to help offset our costs. 

Terry Lee Radio Station
Started: August 4, 2013
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Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. As Terry said at the end of each and every broadcast, if you happen to be in your car, you take it easy, and for tonight this is Terry Lee saying Goodnight and God Bless You.